Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act

Access to 9-1-1/dispatch/non-emergency records under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the Federal Privacy Act

E-Comm is the 9-1-1/dispatch communications centre that is utilized by various public safety agencies throughout B.C. Pursuant to the Emergency Communications Corporations Act, access to 9-1-1 recordings, dispatch, non-emergency and other records created by E-Comm are under the custody and control of the originating emergency service agency and requests for their release must be made directly to that agency.

Emergency Communications Corporations Act (ECC ACT):

Section 9(1) of the ECC Act provides:
For the purpose of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the records of an emergency communications corporation relating to any services provided to a member of the corporation are deemed to be the records of that member.

Section 9(4) of the ECC Act provides:
Despite the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, a person does not have a right of access under that Act to a record of, or in the custody or under the control of, an emergency communications corporation that relates to services provided by the corporation to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

For clarity, if the police or fire were involved, the specific police or fire department in the relevant jurisdiction should be contacted by you in writing. If the BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS - ambulance service) was involved, then the BCEHS should be contacted directly by you in writing.

Non-emergency phone numbers for police, fire and ambulance are available on our website. You can obtain mailing address information through these phone numbers, from your telephone book or through department websites. DO NOT call 9-1-1 for contact information.

For your information we are providing the attached link that outlines the FIPPA process: Ministry of Citizen's Services.

For access to records that relate specifically to E-Comm, excluding requests for 9-1-1 recordings/dispatch or other agency records, please submit your request in writing via this Web site through the contact us page or via fax or Canada Post at the contact information below:

Rachelle Radiuk, Corporate Secretary
3301 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V5K 5J3
Fax: 604-215-4923



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