E-Comm Wide-Area Radio Network

The E-Comm Wide-Area Radio Network is the largest multi-jurisdictional, tri-service emergency radio system in the province and is used by police, fire and ambulance personnel within Metro Vancouver and parts of the Fraser Valley. The E-Comm radio network provides better coverage, greater clarity and improved reliability through an earthquake resistant infrastructure and enhanced security. The multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional communication capabilities have already played a critical role in the successful conclusion of several police pursuits, cross municipal-border crime investigations, and a police shooting.

An integrated emergency communications system is critical to public safety. Prior to E-Comm, emergency radio services were fragmented as ambulance, fire and police agencies could not communicate with one another effectively as they were all using separate radio systems. This didn't allow them to communicate directly with emergency agencies both in and out of their own municipalities. Most emergency agencies were also using old radio systems, which were not designed to handle increasing call loads.

A shared radio system is completely necessary for responding to day-to-day emergencies and in the event of a major disaster. For more information, go to our Radio Fact Sheet.


The E-Comm advantage

  • Cross communication between services - police, fire and emergency health personnel within the same community can communicate directly with each other in "real" time
  • Cross communication between agencies in different municipalities - emergency personnel can communicate directly with each other in "real" time
  • Wider radio coverage area
  • Better in-building coverage
  • Greater clarity
  • Improved reliability
  • Enhanced security
  • Earthquake resistant infrastructure


Map above as of February 2018.

Map above as of February 2018.



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