Transformation Plan

A plan to modernize E-Comm’s service delivery

In November 2022, the E-Comm Board of Directors approved a new transformation plan and budget. The multi-year plan addresses five strategic pillars: Operations, People and Culture, Governance and Stakeholders, Corporate Foundation, and NG9-1-1. The objectives of each are summarized in the infographic.

As a result, E-Comm now has dedicated resources to provide structure, governance, resource planning and reporting for the improvements underway, and to ensure the organization is focused and accountable in delivering changes needed for the future.

Strategic Pillars

For emergency services, the focus is to simplify E-Comm’s work and to streamline how we do things across agencies. For non-emergency services, we know our organization has been struggling with service levels for far too long. As part of this transformation work, we want to better leverage technology so we can focus our amazing people where they are needed most – on complex problem solving and providing support and empathy to someone on what just might be their worst day.

Creating a healthy and inclusive work environment where our people feel valued and supported is paramount.
E-Comm is working to improve its employee value proposition so we can better attract, retain and support our people.

We want to simplify E-Comm’s overly complex structure and have sustainable funding sources. This also means improving our relationships and partnerships with our member agencies.

E-Comm must have a strong corporate foundation with resilient, secure, technical infrastructure, including a stronger focus on cyber security and business continuity. We also want to continue to build and grow our Technology Services departments to enable technologies to support key business objectives.

We want to implement Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) within the mandated timelines to modernize Canada’s aging emergency communications networks. This will bring new opportunities to improve first responder and public safety and the way that E-Comm responds to emergencies. Learn more about NG9-1-1.