Our Key Commitments to 2025

We hope you never have to call us, but if you do, our number one priority is to be there for you – to answer your call and get you the help you need.

E-Comm is committed to providing quality services that are enabled by our people, innovation, and partnerships, while ensuring first responders have the communications tools they need for success. Our (a)SPIRE 2025 Commitments guide our actions and each is supported by a number of strategies to make us successful.

01 / Service E-Comm delivers reliable, continuous, high-quality services that meet the needs of first responders and public safety.

02 / People E-Comm provides a meaningful, professional work experience and a workplace that values and supports its people.

03 / Innovation E-Comm provides leadership in emergency communications innovation.

04 / Relationships E-Comm fosters strong stakeholder relationships and builds partnerships that advance emergency communications and public safety.

05 / Expansion E-Comm continually strengthens its services and provides them to communities across British Columbia.