B.C.’s Labour Minister visits E-Comm to announce elimination of barriers for emergency call takers and dispatchers

Emergency dispatchers, nurses and publicly funded health-care assistants will have easier access to workers’ compensation for mental-health disorders that come from work-related trauma.

Regulatory changes that take effect on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, make this possible.  “These changes to the Mental Disorder Presumption Regulation are about fairness and support for workers who experience higher-than-average mental harm due to the jobs they do on behalf of British Columbians,” said Harry Bains, B.C. Minister of Labour.

“This is good news for B.C.’s emergency call takers and dispatchers,” said Oliver Grüter-Andrew, E-Comm President and CEO. “There is no doubt that, day in and day out, our people can experience high levels of emotional stress, as they work to save lives and support police and firefighters. They are the first contact for people experiencing trauma and that is often traumatic for them, as well.”

See the B.C. Government news release for more details.

Oliver Grüter-Andrew, CEO of E-Comm at the podium. Left to right: Senior Provincial Executive Director Neil Lilley from BC Emergency Health Services, E-Comm dispatcher Nicolas Germain and B.C. Labour Minister Harry Bains. Photo: Province of B.C.