NEWS RELEASE: Coquitlam Fire/Rescue dispatch moves to E-Comm

COQUITLAM, BC, Nov. 21, 2017 – Coquitlam Fire/Rescue’s (CFR) dispatch services moved to E-Comm on Nov. 21, ensuring the community will continue to receive high quality 9-1-1 services as call volumes rise in the future.

Access to leading-edge technology, increased staff coverage, alignment with other regional emergency responders and cost benefits are among the advantages of the shift to E-Comm, B.C.’s largest consolidated emergency communication centre.
E-Comm is responsible for more than 90 per cent of B.C.’s 9-1-1 call volume.

The decision to move to E-Comm was made following a review of Coquitlam’s fire and emergency services communications during the 2017 Business Planning process. The review determined an external dispatch system would better enable CFR to provide efficient and effective emergency response as call volumes rise in the years to come. No jobs are to be lost through this process as existing Coquitlam Fire Dispatch staff will transition into other vacant positions within the department.

CFR first partnered with E-Comm, when it joined the regional radio system in 2007, and because CFR’s technology is already fully compatible with E-Comm, the transition will have no technological impact on day-to-day operations or access to 9-1-1 services for Coquitlam residents.

The move brings a number of enhancements to firefighter and public safety, including:

  • Larger dispatch workforce for increased coverage in major and extended events;
  • A purpose-built facility, with enhanced security and back-up provisions;
  • Cost benefits through shared resources and infrastructure;
  • Access to extensive 24/7 technical support;
  • A dedicated fire dispatch manager; and
  • Rigorous quality assurance processes.

E-Comm, which has a staff of more than 350 call-takers/dispatchers and has provided police and fire dispatch services for more than 18 years, follows the strict service level targets set by the National Fire Protection Association.

Today’s high-tech dispatch systems and standards-based operating policies have proven very effective in supporting accurate and timely reponse by fire crews to emergency scenes.

In the Tri-Cities, E-Comm provides dispatch services for Port Moody Fire-Rescue and Port Moody Police.


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E-Comm 9-1-1

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