Career Growth

At E-Comm, we support our employee’s professional and personal lives by offering career advancement and training opportunities to gain knowledge in other areas. Employee growth opportunities include peer mentoring, employee development days, management training and job shadowing in different roles.

Police/Fire Call Taker

Police and fire call takers are a caller’s main point of contact during a 9-1-1 call. The call takers ask important questions to the caller which help them determine the nature of an emergency. Call takers also relay vital incident information to dispatchers, ensuring callers get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Police/Fire Dispatcher

Police and fire dispatchers receive incident information from call takers and communicate it directly to first responders on shift. They are responsible for the deployment of appropriate resources (equipment and personnel) based on the situation being reported by the caller.

Report Agent

Similar to police call takers, report agents receive non-emergency calls from the public and create police reports based on clarifying questions asked to the caller. Report agents may also receive requests from police dispatchers to update incident files.

Call-taking Team Lead

The call-taking team lead is responsible for providing daily leadership and guidance to call takers and report agents. Team leads also monitor calls to ensure the quality of service and policy compliance.