Skills and Qualifications


  • Can type at least 44 words per minute
  • Adapts to technology easily
  • Can learn fastespecially when it comes to geography
  • Understand and relay information from someone experiencing a tough situation
  • Quick with questions and can accurately summarize information
  • Strong problem solving abilities
  • Can multitask with ease


  • High school diploma or the equivalent level education
  • Can obtain a security clearance carried out by Vancouver Police Department
  • Been a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident for a minimum of three of the last five years
  • Available to work full time 12-hour shifts including evenings, overnights, weekends and holidays (our Emergency Communications Centres are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.)

Personality Traits:

All personality types can be a successful call taker but these are some of the traits that we find really help:

  • You thrive in a fast paced environment
  • You have the ability to remain calm under pressure
  • You like people and empathize with others
  • You know how to take charge and are good at diffusing conflict
  • You can be assertive when you need to be but always remain respectful
  • You like working with a team and are open to receiving feedback to get better at what you do
  • You find helping others from all different walks of life meaningful

Are you ready to answer the call? Download this brochure to find out more about the job of a call taker at E-Comm.