Thank a 9-1-1 Hero

Until the moment you have a reason to call 9-1-1, many people may take emergency service call takers and dispatchers for granted. They are the unsung heroes who, in that moment of reaching out for safety and help, suddenly become the most important people in your world. From 9-1-1 call takers and dispatchers to technology specialists and support staff, every employee at E-Comm plays an integral role in keeping our communities safe.

Emergency Service Dispatcher’s and 9-1-1 Awareness Week runs from April 4-10, as proclaimed by the Province of British Columbia, and we want to take this opportunity to celebrate the hard work, commitment and dedication of our emergency communications staff—a.k.a., the heroes behind the headsets!

Whether you have been directly impacted during an emergency, or you want to recognize hard work that goes on behind the scenes in keeping our communities safe, here is a chance to thank an E-Comm staff member.

Thank a 9-1-1 Hero

E-Comm is the first point of contact for 9-1-1 callers in 25 regional districts in British Columbia and provides dispatch services for more than 70 police agencies and fire departments across the province. E‐Comm also owns and operates the largest multi‐jurisdictional, tri‐service, wide‐area radio network in the province used by police, fire and ambulance personnel throughout Metro Vancouver and parts of the Fraser Valley.

Please note: This form is not intended for complaints. Please see the Contact Us page for more information. To thank a paramedic, ambulance dispatcher or call taker who helped you in a medical emergency, visit BC Emergency Health Services.